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Fused calcium-magnesium phosphate Product Name: Fused calcium-magnesium phosphate
Alkaline fertilizer, grey, green, physical properties is good, do not absorb moisture, not agglomeration, not easy erosion, excluding free acid, noncorrosive, exploiting the long.
Use: Soil improvement, release equilibrium, optimize crop quality and drought tolerant lodging-resistance, can make the crops early maturity, widely used in flue-cured tobacco, wheat, rice, cotton, rape, soybeans, sweet potato, peanut, sugarcane, vegetables, tea, fruit trees and trees, Chinese herbal medicine such crops and economic crops, to improve the economic income have direct effect.
Packing: Polypropylene woven bag lined with film, net weight 50kg/bag.
Technical index: HG2557-1994;

Index name Index(%)
Excellent Grade Qualified
(P2O5)≥ 18 15 12
(h2O)≤ 0.5 0.5 0.5
(CaO) ≥ 45 45 45
(SiO2)≥ 20 20 20
(MgO) ≥ 12 12 12
Fineness through 250 muon m standard sieve ≥ 80 80 80