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Plant Growth Regulators > Chlormequat

Chlormequat Common name: Chlormequat Chloride, CCC
Chemical name: 2-chloro ethyltrimethy lammonlum
CAS NUMBER:999-81-5
Formula: C5H13Cl2N
Molecule weight: 158.1
Physical & Chemical Properties: the pure chlormequat chloride is white crystal; the color of tech powder is bright yellow to white. The tech powder is melted under the temperature of 238-242οC. The tech powder of chlormequat chloride is easily affected with damp and dissolved in the water. While it is difficult to be dissolved In the organic solvent (such as aether,etc.), and it will be melted in the alkali.
Mammalian Toxicology: Oral acute LD50 883 mg/kg for rats; LD50>4000mg/kg(tech). According to our national toxicology grade standard,the chlormequat chloride is belonging to the low toxicology plant growth regulators.
Mode of acttons & functions: Chlormequat chloride is a retardant of plant growth. It process against gibberellic acldinslde the plant when absorbed by argans (root,stem and leaves). It can restrain the elongation of cells,but have no influence on cell division; Restrain in the growth of stem and leaves without affecting the development of sexual organs. It can make the plant shortbut strong with gathered trunk; make the leaves darker and thicker and increase the abllltyto resist collapse,drought,cold and alkaline.
Package: 99%Tech98% Tech & 80% solvent powder: 25kg/plastic drum ; 50% liquid chlormequat chloride: 200kg/barrel