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Ethephon Common name: Ethephon
Chemical name: 2-chloroethylphosphonlc acid
CAS#: 16672-87-0
Formula: C2H6ClO3P
Molecule weight: 144.5
Physical & Chemical Properties: the pure product is the grey whitewax solid,the melting point is 74-75οC. It is readily soluble in water,methanol,ethanol,isopropanol,acetone,diethyl ether,and other polar organic solvents,and slightly soluble In aroma solvent. When the PH is over 3,It will melt and give out ethylene, and can't store together with alkali,metal salt and metal.
Mammalian Toxleology: Oral acute LD50 3030mg/kg,it belongs to the low toxicology agriculture chemical.
Mode of actions & functions: a plant growth regulator with systemic properties,Ethephon penetrates plant tissue and is decomposed to ethylene; which affects growth processes. Restrain the growth of stem and leaves without affecting the development of sexual organs. It can make the plant short but strong with gathered trunk,to accelerate ripening of fruit etc.,to get rid of the sleep of plant,to stimulate the blossom,to hasten the growing.
Package: 80% Ethephon tech: 250kg/barrel 40% liquid Ethephon: 250kg/barrel