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Herbicides > Bensulfuron-methyl

Common name:Bensulfuron-methyl
CAS Number:83055-99-6
Molecular formula:C16H18N4O7S
Molecular weight:410.4
Physiochemical properties: Appearance: white to light yellow flavorless solid, melting point:185-188℃, vapour pressure:2.8×10-9mPa(25℃)KowlogP-0.62(PH7, 30℃), density: 1.41, solubility: 2.9mg/L(PH5);1200mg/L(PH8) in 25℃ water; 1.38g/L in 20℃ acetone, 5.38g/L in acetonitrile, 11.7g/L in methylene chloride ,1.66g/ in ethyl acetate, >0.01g/L in normal hexane, 0.280g/L in xylene.
Packing: 25kg/drum,or according to customer's requirements.