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120 Agricultural antiobiotic

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120 Agricultural antiobiotic Stock liquid of Agricultural antibiotic 120
Produced by the strain: Streptomyces hygrospinosus var. beijingensis
Chemical name: 5-hydroxy-4’N-1-hydroxy-heptylamine-5—amido cytidine
Molecular formula: C17H22O8N5
Relative molecular weight: 431.44
Chemicophysical property: a black-brown uniform liquid, free of odor, non-soluble in such organic solvents as aromatic hydrocarbons, and stable in acid media under low temperature.
Toxicity: low
Sensitive subject: it is suitable for controlling pathogenic fungi of such crop diseases as powdery mildew, wilts, anthracnose, rusts, sheath blight, and black spots.
Action mechanism: It inhibits spore germination and mycelia growth of pathogenic fungi, and it promotes plant growth and enhances its resistance to diseases
Packing: 25kg/drum,180L/drum,or according to customer's requirements.