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Fentin acetate

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Fentin acetate English name:Fentin acetate
Trade name:Triphenyltin acetate
CAR Number:900-95-8
Empirical formula:C20H18O2Sn
Molecular weight:409
Physicochemical property:White flavorless crystal, melting point: 118-122 , 30 vapor tension 0.177mpa, density: 1.55mg/mL. Solubility in water: 28mg/L, (20 ). Purity of industrial product: 90%-95%. Melting point: 120-125 .
Usable range & objects of prevention and curing:Used in preventing and curing beet cercospora leaf spot, pod and stem blight of soybean, brown spot, purple blotch, false smut of rice, sheath and culm blight of rice, rice narrow brown leaf spot, alternaria leaf rot of onion, leaf spot of celery and alga, snail, of rice.
Specification: 90% 95%97% tech.
Packing: 25kg/drum,or according to customer's requirements.