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Herbicides > Dicamba

Dicamba Common name:Dicamba
Chemical name:3,6- dichloro -2- methoxybenzoic acid
Molecular formula:C8H6O3Cl2
Molecular weight:221.0
Physiochemical property:White crystal,special gravity:1.57(25℃),M.p. 114-116℃,flash point:150℃,solubility at 25℃: water: 0.65g/100ml,ethanol:92.2g/100ml,isopropyl alcohol: 76.0g/100ml,acetone: 81.0g/100ml,toluene:13.0g/100ml; methylene chloride:26.0g/100ml dioxane:118.0g/100ml
Storage:Stored in dry and cool place.( Period of validity:no less than 2 years.).
Specification:Technical grade,Content of valid components: no less than:98%.
Packaging:metal pail,cardboard drum or according to customer' requirements