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Permethrin Chemical Name:3-phenoxybenzyl-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate
Molecular Formula:C21H20CL2O3
Molecular Weight:391.30
CAS NO.:52645-53-1
Properties:Pure product is white crystal, industrial product is light yellow semi-transparent liquid; b.p.198~200℃(0.03KPa时), 220℃(0.0067KPa); m.p.: 34~35℃; flash point:130℃,  relative density: (water=1) 1.2; vapor tension: at 25℃ 4.53×10-5Pa, at 20℃: 1.3×10-6Pa
Toxicity:Rat acute per os LD50 2370mg/kg
Use:It is a broad-spectrum insect killer. Its effect can last for a long time. It has great power for killing mosquito, flies cockroaches, bedbugs, etc. It can be formulated into aerosol, spraying liquid etc. It also can be used to control parasites on the surface of animals, termites and wood-boring insects and as a preservative of wool.
Packing:25KG/plastic coated drum,or according to requirement.